Neapolitan Mouse 1

"Neapolitan Mouse" title card.

Downhearted Duckling

"Downhearted Duckling" title card.

Yes! It's a new season of The Original Adventures Of Tom and Jerry! But before all the partying and reviewing, let's remember all the no-good-lowdown-stupid-unforgiveable things that Mammy-Two Shoes' has done. OR let's not do it at all. We all know and love Tuffy (or Nibbles), but this dude? NO! The mouse from "Neapolitan Mouse" is named "Topo", TOPO! Heehaheea (For all the people named Topo out there, no offense)! Whew! Sorry, nothing else interesting. Have fun, watch the videos, par-TAY, and see The Original Adventures Of Tom and Jerry: Season 4, episode 2.

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